What a Bore: a 2 Day Power Outage

What is your worst home nightmare! You have friends coming over and the power goes out. (For me, last time this happened, it was two days of darkness in hell.) Or maybe you are alone and you can’t go without your TV routine for one thing, not to mention the refrigerator and coffeemaker. It is a survival crisis of the worst kind! You are at the mercy of the elements and the power company.

If this has happened a few too many times, you may want to consider a backup generator to solve the problem. In most areas of the country, it can really come in handy as a rescue mechanism. It is a bit expensive as you may think but is well worth the outlay. They are state-of-the art lifesavers, superior in construction and operation. Your laptop has a battery, of course, but there are vital services your appliances provide that will benefit. No one wants the food in the freezer to rot – especially those expensive steaks you just bought or the litres of your favourite ice cream.

I, for one, can’t live for long without the TV. I am addicted. I don’t relish the thought of resorting to the tiny screen on my smart phone. My decision to purchase a generator was easy after the last brown out. For me, boredom looms large when I can’t watch the boob tube. I went in search of a good unit. I scoured the Internet and the local builder’s emporium–lots of models with lots of tricks. With too much to consider on the web, I opted for the brick and mortar store to avail myself of expert help. I was told I should spend about $2,500 and up for my alternate power solution. I have an average home with average usage. My need is therefore quite mid-range. Nothing out of the ordinary or exotic.

We are not talking about a carry-it-with-you camping device or an on the job site power source for tools, but something that could light up a single-family home without much ado. It will stay put outside the exterior wall (18 inches) and work its magic in the event of a dreaded outage. I was shown an impressive compact Generac Guardian 22kw air-cooled wizard on special. It is a pricey model but had the all-around features any homeowner could want. It is cost efficient relative to other choices and does its job for days and days. This sounded ideal as preventative protection. Furthermore, it has a remote monitoring system and comes with free customer support and a 5-year warranty.

They promised easy installation, so I went for it. Plus they boasted of a whole house transfer switch—what they called smart power management to handle circuit overload. With this purchase (well beyond a basic unit), boredom will be an obsolete word. It’s quiet and the neighbors won’t even know it’s there. I fully expect another power outage sometime soon. If not, my good intentions may have been in vain – but I doubt it!