Sewing Machine: an Unlikely Tool for Home Entertainment

You say you want to make oversized pillows for the rec room, footrests for the home theater, and shiny satin throws for the sofa and chairs to pimp out the basement lounge (it has a rock star theme). Are you having a breakdown or just plain nuts! These are big projects and you can probably buy everything at Walmart. But they don’t have the right colors, fabrics, and textures, you say. They don’t get your glam style or the needs of your kids while watching the big screen. Their little feet need just the perfect size ottomans in bright red leather. Nothing else will do (especially black or brown).

You are an enterprising mom with some rare free time who wants full credit as a homemaker and creative artisan to boot. You want that nasty Martha Stewart wannabe next door to drool with envy. You will show her a thing or two. After all, your new generation state-of-the-art computerized sewing machine sits ready and waiting for expert direction. It has threaded itself and has been fed with oil.

You have spent hours in sewing class and have tried out a few successful experiments. It’s time to pick up a great sewing machine for beginners and get started. Now you are primed to revamp the old home décor and turn dull into zippy and fun. You have discarded all thoughts of conventional styles and muted colors. Anything goes! This is a young, trendy family with plenty of friends and relatives traipsing through each day. Your husband says go for it.

Heavier fabrics for slipcovers and pillows demands sturdier needles on the sewing machine and looser stitching. You can do it. Adjusted with ease, the sewing machine roars into action. You can even sew vinyl and leather for the mini footrests by changing the foot option and buying heavy thread. You may need to learn a few tricks of the upholstery trade to complete this project! Stuffing material is readily available, however, at most fabric stores (or you can cheat and send them out).

The sofa throws will be your pride and joy. You are copying an idea you saw at an amazing local boutique that specializes in outré Lady Gaga taste. They sell cool plexiglass furniture encrusted with rhinestones and shells, and jazzy jeweled mirrors to accompany neon-hued wastebaskets, tissue boxes, lamps, and vases. You aren’t going whole hog, but the throws will be a nod to rock glam all the way. Fabric choices are so numerous that you are at a bit of a loss at first, but you go for a nice sapphire blue. Edging might be a breeze given the sewing machine’s great talents. You have been waiting for an excuse to use it.

Your imagination goes wild. What accessories will the room enjoy to go with this satin seduction? Nothing breakable or costly, of course. The basement lounge is a fantasy realm for the kids where they can stretch out and be comfortable—eat what they want, blare the music, and make a mess. You can make new stuff next year.