Lounge Room Cooling

I have a friend who is installing a home theater lounge in his basement, filled with all the required devices of first quality—screen, receiver, surround sound, built-in bar with refrigerator, etc. This is an extravagant gesture for his family and he wants it to be comfortable and inviting. The air is a bit stale down there and he asked me what to do. He plans on game day parties, kids’ get-togethers, personal man cave time, a little private work now and then, and more. He wants a versatile space that is at the optimum temperature all year round. In other words, plenty of air in the underground depths!

It is prohibitive to install central air conditioning and heating for one room so late in the game, although it is rather large and in need of something to make it inhabitable. It is open with one lever-operated long cellar window high up on one wall. The room gets some natural light, but not enough. I suggested a large ceiling fan with a high wattage light fixture. Found with these online ceiling fan reviews. We both started to explore options—on line research of course. Colors, materials, prices, discounts, features, etc.

Your average blade fan looks good and does the trick. It covers a wide area, and the newer ones aren’t as noisy as the older models. If they become too breezy, you just reset the remote. It is old-fashioned, economical, and décor-enhancing. A little investment goes a long way. What more could you want! When you think of a “lounge,” you might have in mind something high tech, so you can go for chrome blades and a sleek light fixture. If you like homey with comfy leather chairs or a sofa, there are great blades in cherry, walnut, oak, and ebony stained wood. Maybe you don’t care about this, but your wife certainly does, so ask! I’m sure she is already planning some girl time down there.

The cost is about the same for good quality, whatever the style and appearance. You don’t have to splurge, but do get a good one that will last over many seasons of TV-viewing fun. It has to be kid-resistant. The tykes will love turning it off and on. A lounge is a place to lie back and relax, your head on a soft supportive pillow, your body on a cozy blanket. Maybe you are reading a favorite mystery on a Kindle. No doubt this will place you within full view of your fan. So make it meaningful when you go out shopping and select something you won’t tire of too soon.

If you do, or the room is converted into a bedroom for a parent down the road, you can paint the fans and change the fixture. A ceiling fan is so much more desirable than clunky portable models, even the new tower designs that pretend they are sculptures. They also help to camouflage ceilings that may be cottage-cheese finish or square tiles. My suggestion to my friend did not go unheeded and he is now enjoying a light, delightful remote-controlled breeze.