Keep Those Old DVDs Playing Well

In looking for new tips on how to keep your old DVDs playing, I came across the oddest thing. You know how hard it is to clean and maintain them because a non-magnetic cloth (for static) doesn’t always do the job. I hate it when they skip. Sometimes, to my relief, it is my machine and that can be fixed. If it is a serious flaw in the DVD, I must replace it if I want to hear the music again. This can be frustrating if you have a big collection, as I do. I have them organized alphabetically and by genre so I can find things in a flash. I spend a good portion of my early evening listening to favorite bands, sometimes while I eat dinner. One of my best DVDs wasn’t playing properly, hence my interest in cleaning advice. So, what do you do. I welcome any ideas. Otherwise, I will be stuck with the same old wiping cloth. When it gets dirty and I must wash the thing, it has little life.

Okay, I know it is easy to buy a new cloth. I am just looking for alternatives. I suppose I could spend my time listening to music and not dwell on the impossible. DVD problems just go with the territory and I put up with it. My friends complain about the same thing. I have been harping on this for a while and my cousin had to put in his two cents. He was out of his regular solution and couldn’t find the cloth. He looked in the bathroom and spotted some eyelash extension cleaner like these ones: His eyes were riveted on the word “cleaner.” I can’t imagine what he thought it was. His wife gets eyelash extensions every two weeks and from time to time they get little bits of lint sticking to them. She bought the cleaner the beautician recommended. But is any cleaner good for every purpose. Surely not. He tried it out because it was a liquid solution that was gentle and nontoxic. It had no detergent or other strong ingredient. He liked the idea that it could lift lint. If it could do this for eyelashes, why not his dusty old DVDs. To conclude this story, he said that it worked. And it worked beautifully. His DVDs had new life and could be played on and on. No skips or jumps.

But where would I buy this exotic eyelash cleaner? I didn’t want to go into salons asking for something this strange. I tried the drugstore with no luck. I tried the beauty supply down the street. It was less intimidating than the salon since I could survey the shelves myself and not have to ask questions. If I mentioned the DVDs, no doubt I would provoke peals of laughter. I found my target product and rushed home to apply it. I used a soft and thin cotton towel. It was easy, just as my cousin said, and productive. Who knew that a relative would save my collection.