It’s Time to Clean My DVD Warehouse

You heard it, folks. It’s time for cleaning. I have accumulated so much cargo in this warehouse, some of it still serves me, a large chunk of it needs to go. It just sits there and collects dust. So now I have to remove all unwanted substances like dirt, and other materials and get rid of my DVDs and everything related to them for good. It might sound like this place is a real dump, but it is not really. The warehouse is in really good condition. I maintain it frequently, but when small things add up such as my collection of old DVD copies, unusable DVD cases, scratched DVD disks, old  DVD players, and so on, you know that the time has come for in-depth cleaning. They all need to go and be recycled, if possible. The warehouse also has closets, latrines, and an air conditioning system that I plan to immaculate. This is how I do it.

First, I’m starting with the plastic covers and DVD discs. I separate what’s recyclable and what’s not, and deliver the recyclable materials to the local recyclable center. The rest goes to the regular trash. I’m always aware of pollution and I try to do my best to set an example.

I further continue with the closets. I get my cleaning supplies and start from the top shelf. The top shelf is the biggest challenge since most of the stuff that I don’t use frequently (or at all) I store it there. Everything else I need I store at eye level. So I get the things out of the top shelf, clean the shelf from dirt, and put the things I do need and use back. I use a similar cleaning method for the other shelves with the accretion that everything else on the other shelves is divided into separate compartments. So it’s much easier.  When I finish the closet, I move on to cleaning the toilets.

A clean toilet is a true measurement for your hygiene. And yes, I do have a tiny toilet built in my shed. At first, I use the disinfection spray, then I put on my gloves, and depending on the surface, I use the wipes and towels. I must say I learned how to clean toilets from Martha Stewart’s guide to cleaning a toilet, believe it or not.

When I finish cleaning this part of my shed, I continue with cleaning the air-conditioning system and air purifiers. This will be a challenge considering I have never done that before. So yeah, it’s a sort of a mystery. Luckily, there is a ton of material on the net. I found this article on how to clean an air purifier very useful. I see I have to disable the device, then vacuum and clean the heavy particles I find in the device, then disinfect the filters. I have my screwdriver with me, I have my vacuum cleaner, so off I go. Soon, my DVD shed will be clean and everybody’s welcome.