Strange Documentaries

Sometimes life is just too darn shocking. You don’t want to see everything odd and alien in the world, but then on the learning channel or PBS there is a story about Siamese twins or a child born with no face. You groan at the rare diseases and rare ailments that you are sure you will get. You shy away from the untold truth. You turn the channel, but you see online a whole slew of DVDs about strange medical conditions like the body turning to stone or infants that are aged at birth. Some people are drawn to these conditions, perhaps grateful they are healthy and unscathed. Others dwell on the darker side of life. They are gothic in nature. There are plenty out of these people out there to fill the need, whatever it may be.

I don’t gravitate to this sort of thing. However… I have made an exception recently. I suffer from toenail fungus believe it or not. I hate that dark yellowish nails that has dug in for the duration under my nail beds. It is a menace that can’t be abolished, and lord knows I have tried with countless useless dollars spent on bogus potions and magical miracle medicines that don’t work. I don’t care what Dr. Oz says is the best treatment. My dermatologist claims that prescriptions like Lamisil or Sporanox are fine for some but would be bad for my liver as tests already show a modest elevation of enzymes. So I am stumped at this juncture.

I went out and purchased a DVD about laser treatments. All sorts of new medical applications are shown. I was fascinated with, but could pass on, the cosmetic uses for anti-aging as well as the surgical advantages when cutting tissue in the body. Wow. It zaps gallstones and tumors. But then I came to the new toe fungus pat. Laser as a remedy is still being evaluated, but the program gave a promising overview of this next generation concept. With the correct usage of an FDA-approved device, the ubiquitous nail spoiler can be eradicated, sometimes for good.

Apparently, according to the DVD, you need a few sessions with a professional, about 40 minutes each for all ten toes. It is not cheap but has been shown to be effective, up to 80%. That means a slight possibility of defeat in my case, but I am willing to take a chance and will soon book an appointment. I know it is painless and can take up to a year to fully clear the affected toenails. I know it is not particularly risky like the pills and not ineffective like an external lacquer. All in all, am pretty optimistic.

It is amazing how much is available on DVD on just about any subject. Who knew that toenail fungus would find a place on a respectable medical video probably meant for doctors more than prospective patients? The world of knowledge is at your fingertips. You don’t have to surf the Internet for everything except titles.